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Padma Vrischikasana: Beneficial for neck and back, know its method

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The benefits that one gets by doing Vrischikasana, the same benefits are also available by doing Padma Vrischikasana. In addition, this asana is effective for the eyes and is also beneficial for the ears and nostrils.

While doing Padma Vrischikasana, it is necessary to balance the entire body. And the state of breathing remains normal in this asana. Padma Vrischikasana can be repeated 1 to 3 times.

Before practicing this, the seeker should know the practice of Vajrasana and Urdhva Padmasana, only then it can be done. Know how Padma Vrischikasana is performed?

How to do Padma Vrischikasana:

  • To do this asana, spread a carpet or a mat.
  • After this, sit on the mat in the posture of Vajrasana.
  • After coming in Vajrasana, come up in the posture of Padmasana.
  • Keeping the balance of your body, stay in this position for some time.
  • Then open the fingers which are stuck. At the same time, open the triangle of the forearm of the arms and bring them outwards.
  • Bring them outwards until they come parallel.
  • Keep in mind that your palms should be towards the ground.
  • After this, bring the entire weight of the body to the forearms of the hands.
  • In this position, the back and knees should be straight.
  • Now raise your head. Slowly tilt the head backward. Also, look at the floor.
  • After that come back to your initial state.
  • In the beginning, you can practice this asana 3 times. After this, with practice, its time can be increased.

Benefits of doing Padma Vrischikasana:-

  • Performing Padma Vrischikasana strengthens the arms and shoulders.
  • Doing this asana regularly is beneficial for the abdominal and pelvic organs.
  • This asana is very beneficial for blood circulation in the brain.
  • This asana should be done regularly to strengthen the neck and back muscles.
  • This is a good asana for reducing fat.
  • With its practice, the body starts feeling lighter by removing excess fat.
  • It helps to open up the hips and expand the chest and shoulders.
  • Its practice increases blood circulation.
  • It helps in purifying the blood by increasing the heart rate.
  • Develops the brain and improves concentration ability.
  • Makes the power of perception strong.
  • Makes the spine strong and flexible.
  • Increases lung function.
  • Makes skin glowing and radiant.
  • Sharpen the eyes.
  • Cures premature graying of hair, hair fall, etc.
  • Regular practice of this yoga develops tolerance in a person.

Precautions to keep in mind while doing Padma Vrischikasana:

  • If a person has a high blood pressure problem then this asana should not be practiced.
  • Even if someone is suffering from the problem of shoulders or elbows, he should not do this asana.

Beginner Tips | Tips for Getting Started

  • Beginners should not practice this asana.
  • The best decision is to resort to a wall when practicing it for the first time.
  • This asana can be practiced only when you are able to balance your body, so before starting the practice of Vrischikasana, you should master the headstand.
  • This asana can give difficulty to those people who are suffering from obesity. To be proficient in this, the spine must be flexible and strong.
  • For the first time to practice this, for 4 to 5 weeks, try to raise the body only with the help of the wall.
  • To avoid injury while practicing, you can place a soft blanket under you.

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